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Nel settore dal 2011
Oltre 5 milioni di anagrafiche altamente profilate in gestione
Presenti sul territorio a Milano e a Padova

About us

Since 2011, we make our professionalism and our competence available to our partners. Born with the mission to create and to develop prize competitions aimed at database building, Concorsi Web is now proprietary of a database and manages more than 5.000.000 leads. From the acquirement of collected leads, to the opportunity to increase your database choosing the co-sponsoring , to the possibility to insert a question in our survey in order to obtain highly targeted leads: the possibilities to cooperate with us are numerous! Come and meet us!

  • Privacy: data are collected in full respect of the rules on the protection of personal data, Regulations UE 2016/679, as for the transfer of leads.
  • Profilation :our database can offer more than 1.500.000 highly profilated leads to be transferred or rented: from our users we get to know their interests, whether they have children or own animals and which ones have a VAT number.
  • Quality: we rely on trusted network, whom we work with since more than 6 years. Furthermore, all the phone numbers we collect are validated by sending a text, in order to offer the best qualified data.


If you're a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy.
Jim Metcalf

Contest and co-sponsoring

Through our contest, we enable our partners to collect a database rich in highly qualified leads. By means of the co-sponsoring, activity, quality and optimization of investment can coexist, since the total cost is splitted among the different sponsors.

Database Building

Trust: this is the key word to describe our approach, and also the reason why our partners chose us for their database building, in addition to the flexibility we offer.

Direct marketing

Reaching its own prospects has never been easier and incisive: Concorsi Web plans e-mail marketing , telemarketing and SMS marketing campaigns, taking advantage of the live collection or of the database, collected through the previous years.

Web Marketing

Web Marketing offers a lot of possibilities and incisive tools to communicate: with us, you can take advantage of each of this. Your requests meet our determination to reach the best results for our partners.

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